BetFair Sports Review

  • Variety: 5/5
  • Quality: 5/5
  • User Experience: 4/5
  • Betting Options: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.75/5

So, these are our BetFair ratings, but what about our BetFair sports review? Well, the question you need to ask is: Does being the biggest internet betting site in the world make you the best sports betting site across the globe? Well, BetFair get the biggest card – as they have seen a whirlwind of growth since their launch in 2000. They are quite possibly the most recognisable betting brand – as well as one of the best known online casino gaming company. The idea that is likely to dominate this BetFair sports review is that of innovation – although big and older than some – this company have continued to seek out the new and pioneer the next way to bring sports betting to life.

In 2016 they massively increased the reach of the company when they merged with Paddy Power. The resulting organisation became the biggest gaming company in the world – and was able to develop the traditional sportsbook further thanks to successes in other areas.

BetFair software

It is important to begin this BetFair sports review by saying it is an award-winning betting exchange. Therefore, you can expect the highest standards from the site and from its mobile app. Both site and app are designed to make the act of betting quick and sleek. The app in particular is well designed and encourages long browsing sessions – as you seek out your best bet.

Saying this – another important point to make in this BetFair sports review – is that at first the website can appear complication. As the site does not work like a traditional bookie – it is possible that you could become overwhelmed by the lists and the options. However, it only takes a few minutes of clicking and scrolling before you get the gist of what is going on. Just don’t be put off in your first interaction with the site.

The betting, the odds and the prices

Right – here is the bit were BetFair is a little different to other gambling sites for sports – and why our BetFair sports review is so positive. This is a peer to peer betting site – which means the active wager is with another punter and not with the site. This means there is no middle man seeking his profit margins – instead there is an outright winner and loser in the bet. The site earns its money from charging commission on the bets – with approximately 3 – 7% demanded on winning bets.

The unique bit – apart from the wide range of odds available on a mind-blowing array of bets – is that if you can’t find the odds you are happy with – then you can set up that wager yourself. If someone matches the bet – then it is active – and you are away.

There is a traditional sportsbook – where you can place your bet – but the best bit about the site – and the feature that properly boosts the BetFair ratings – is the exchange.

The in-play betting available is substantial too – and is always an important factor – and so features in this BetFair sports review. You can track prices easily on an on-going fixture – and find the bet that appeals. Most punters who like the in-play feature tend to set up their own green book – this is a book of their own wagers that they set on the site.

As the prices fluctuate so rapidly during in-play action in the exchange, you will find the following of bets absorbing – and likely to detract from the sport itself at first – until you get used to the sheer barrage of information coming your way. However, you can split your screen – watch the live streaming – and see the prices changing as you follow the action.

Promotions and customer services

As the betting exchange is the big deal about this site – BetFair have worked hard to produce help guides and videos that will help you make the most of the options available. There is not enough space here to explain the workings of the green book and the exchange itself – but fortunately we don’t have to – as BetFair have done the job masterfully. This ranks them highly for customer service in our BetFair ratings.

Also, due to the unique nature of the site, the customer support numbers and emails are 24/7 every day of the year. This means that you can get access to help whenever you need it – and, according to customer reviews, they respond quickly too.

In terms of promotions – something that really influences our BetFair sports review – BetFair do not disappoint. You would imagine a peer-to-peer betting site wouldn’t feel the need to run features or bonuses – as the players set up the deals. However, weirdly, BetFair do better at this than most traditional sports bookies. When you visit the site for the first time BetFair offer £20 in free bets, which can be repeated up to five times. To qualify you need to place 5 x £10 bets each time – within a restricted time period.

BetFair also run a cash out feature – which is available on the acca as well as single bets. This is where you can cut your losses and take whatever winnings are on offer at certain points during a game. You will sacrifice some of the overall winnings – but you may prevent yourself from losing outright.

Then, there is the Price Rush – where at a certain point the exchange will offer to boost your odds – and if you are quick enough to rush in – the higher price is yours.

Our overall BetFair ratings

The BetFair ratings are influenced most by the experience of the site – this is not just betting on sports – this site becomes a sport in itself. Betting against a peer feels intrinsically fairer – as the site title suggests – as the middle man disappears from the margins.

Pros / Cons
  • Great concept that is exciting all by itself – never mind the sports on top!
  • Ability to tailor your own wagers through the green book
  • A lot of attention given to promotions and the overall experience
  • Can be a little complicated at first – and you will need to spend some time with the guides and help videos.