Top 10 Best New Sports Betting Sites UK 2018

Year on year we see an explosion of new UK bookmakers. Exploring new sports betting sites UK 2018 is a full-time job – and one we take seriously, even when we are having fun.

We want you to choose the right site for your betting. We know that new UK bookmakers could be the next best thing – or a complete dud.

We look carefully at each site – using our carefully devised criteria – to make sure they are everything that they claim to be. Here we introduce you to the things you might want to know before using new sports betting sites UK 2018.

Choice of sports with new UK bookmakers

You want more than just two-dimensional premiership football and the odd horse race from your new UK bookmaker. It is important to have access to a range of football markets – beyond just the premiership – and maybe beyond UK borders. It is also important that a site has the latest odds on the biggest races across the UK and the world. But, even then, sports betting can become so much more exciting than this.

You need to know if the site offers in game betting. Can you see something coming and quickly get the odds and make the bet? The new sports betting sites UK 2018 should be aware of the trend towards all things in-game – and offer to enhance your enjoyment of the sport in this way.

You also want them to offer handball, basketball, cricket, golf, tennis, and more. Indeed, you want to find out about new events because someone somewhere created odds on the outcome.

Choice of sports, with variety of bets, must be the number one criteria when assessing new UK bookmakers.

Competitive odds and options

Another important way to judge new sports betting sites UK 2018 is through the odds and the payment options they offer. This is the core business of the new UK bookmaker, so you need this to work well. There is much to be gained from lots and lots of choice – but if the core business is not done well – then there is no point.

Our first concern is the competitiveness of the odds that the new sports betting sites UK 2018 offer. You want the best value for your selection. It may be that this new UK bookmakers is working within small margins – but you still deserve all the chance in the world to gain that golden pay out. We work out if what the new sites promise is delivered.

Also important are the pay out options. Can you get at your cash quickly and easily? Are there a number of payment options available to you? In short, is there options for credit and debit card, bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill and maybe even cryptocurrency?

Promotions and offers

Then, you want that little bit extra from new online betting sites UK 2018. You want the events and you want the bonuses – the free bets and the concessions. Does your new online bookmaker UK make an effort to add to the excitement of the sporting event. We all want the chance of an accumulator – so some money back on a close call bet. This is not about the try hard sites who do too much promotion and offers that mean nothing – this is your new online bookmaker UK who understands when a well-placed incentive is going to enhance your experience.

Trusted service

One of our key concerns is the safety of your money with the sites that we review. New sports betting sites UK 2018 will likely be untried and untested. There is unlikely to be the wealth of customer reviews and testimonials to assure us, and you, that the site will deliver on its promises.

So, we put in some hard background research into new UK bookmakers to make sure they are everything that they claim to be. We will look for a security certificated – and the badges from the major payment options to say this is a trusted site.

We will be sure to try out the new sports betting sites UK 2018 and we ask important questions like: do they make it easy to withdraw money? Does the site work responsively when you want to place a last-minute bet? Is the user interface intuitive and responsive? And many more…

Most importantly, we make sure all the new UK bookmakers are governed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Customer care

With a new site it is easy to forget the small details and leave communication options open and loose. This would be a mistake for any site looking to garner trust. We don’t expect a fully manned helpdesk from new UK bookmakers, but we do expect a solid presence on social media sites. There should be a Facebook page to follow and a Twitter feed. These should advertise offers and news from the site but also offer a responsive messaging service to its new customers.

If the new sports betting sites UK 2018 are top notch, then they are likely to have a live chat option in place – and they will certainly have a published geographical location for offices where you could write if necessary. These are the small details we will look for to make sure you get the best experience from your new UK bookmakers.

Hints and Tips and FAQs

The best new sports betting sites UK 2018 will also provide you with the latest news and information from the betting world. They will have experts who will work to bring you the hints and strategies to get the most out of betting. The very least you should expect is a section of frequently asked questions, where you can quickly find the information you require.

In short, you want to see that there are solid professionals behind this new online venture, who can enhance your experience of sport.