Top 10 Best Online Cricket Betting Sites UK

Why bet on cricket?

Cricket, you may be surprised to know, is the second most played sport in the world. But, then if you have ever seen the passion of the Indians and the flourish of the IPL – you would know that this is a sport that inspires passion on a part to football. No wonder top cricket bookmakers are interested too!

Any sport based mostly on a love of statistics is going to make a great sport to bet on. You see avid cricket fans in the stands with their own score cards and statistic sheets – following the chess-like moves of the players. How many cutters, how much swing, is it reversing? Not only is it about the number of runs made, by whom and how many batters are out. It is about the build up of pressure and the means by which the batsman can change the behaviour of the bowler and the field position.

It is a game made up of strange names like the wrong ‘un, the googlie, short backward stop, third man, a slip, a silly point… So, it is not surprising that cricket becomes the perfect sport for the passionate punter – who likes to feel that they are demonstrating skill and judgment in the bets they place and not just at the whim of luck or fate.

What makes top cricket bookmakers so great?

To enhance the enjoyment of the T20, the one-day cricket or the test match, you need the best cricket betting sites UK to offer the ultimate experience. Here is our guide to what we look for when judging the top cricket bookmakers in the UK.

Variety of bet

Betting on cricket is much like the sport itself – it is all about strategy. The strategy you would employ is different depending on the form of the game that interests you. Strategy is much more important when betting on test cricket – whereas T20 tends to mirror football with its combination of end-result and in game bets.

Your best cricket betting sites UK understand test cricket strategy better than most top cricket bookmakers. The test match is quintessentially English – and the long drawn out, 15 session match – is a test of resilience as well as skill. The knowledgeable punter can factor in the weather, the wear and tear of the pitch, the quality of the spin bowlers. This means that the cricket bettor will be constantly revising and updating the betting strategy they are employing.

The best cricket betting sites UK will offer varieties of bet to take account of this careful consideration about what will happen next, thanks to the changing conditions.

The most common bets you should find on top cricket bookmakers is the match outcome or the series winner; the leading run scorer or wicket takers; the highest opening partnership; who will be man of the match and the number of boundaries. You can also do an accumulation of these bests – to increase the potential return on your bet.

Best odds

The only reason to bet is if there is value to be made – that you are going to win something worth winning. The best cricket betting sites UK will offer odds that make it interesting and enhance the entertainment of the game. The top cricket bookmakers may have significant differences in the probabilities they offer – so it is a good idea to shop around to find out where you can get the best deal.

Best promotions

As with any sport, you want the top cricket bookmakers to show some imagination in the promotions they run. Of course, free bets and bonus bets, pay out on close calls – these are all welcome – but you also want the best cricket betting sites UK to show some imagination. This promotion could be in the design of the accumulators you can bet on – or it may be on design of the experience to respond to the conditions.

Great functionality

The best cricket betting sites UK should offer an easy to use interface, where bets can be made quickly and efficiently. There should be a range of deposit options, including debit and credit card; bank transfer; PayPal or Skrill or more. There should also be a hassle-free withdrawal of money.

The top cricket bookmakers should have the best online experience and this should translate smoothly to a mobile app.

How to get started

More than any sport, a sound betting strategy in cricket requires reading and research. The best cricket betting sites UK should recognise this and offer you an up-to-date and relevant blog – with hints, tips and insider knowledge.

You should be prepared to research the conditions – including paying special attention to the weather – and to what the groundsman has done in the past. This is not just about praying for rain – though if your team is down and you might gain off a draw – then pray away. If the sun is beating down and the sky is clear – this can in the first instance help the batters – as it takes out some of the swing of the ball – but it will eventually cause the pitch to dry out and then the spinners can have fun.

The statistics of different grounds will show that some players will succeed more than others – there is not much point betting on the spinners at the Oval, for instance.

You then need to pay attention to the toss – who will bat or bowl first and how this changes the chances of each team. Then, and only then, would you consider the team and the form they are in.

Betting on cricket is for the knowledgeable – some would say the stats geeks – but it is definitely one of the greatest areas of skills when using the best cricket betting skites UK.