PaddyPower Sports Review

  • Variety: 4/5
  • Quality: 5/5
  • User Experience: 5/5
  • Betting Options: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.75/5

You will have heard of Paddy Power – and you have just seen our Paddy Power ratings. But, let’s give you some more details to add meat to the bones of this Paddy Power sports review!
You would never guess from the spray painted green website – but Paddy Power is an Irish company. In fact, this is Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker. They pride themselves in being a little quirky – offering some close to the edge humour and really quite unique betting markets. All this is a carefully coordinated attempt to brand and position Paddy Power as modern and different – not your traditional stuffy bookmaker at all.

If you become a registered customer with the site – you will either be covered by UK regulation or by regulation on the Isle of Man.

Paddy Power software

Like many of the top online bookmakers, Paddy Power ratings are boosted by their association with OpenBet. This is probably one of the biggest providers of online bookmaker software. This means a Paddy Power sports review can tick off attractive and intuitive website interface. There are quick load times and transitions – which makes it a joy to use this site.

Navigation is straightforward – and we particularly like the Bet Calculator – that allows the player to work out the possible pay outs from different betting options.

The Paddy Power mobile app has recently been launched and is just as impressive. However, it is worth mentioning in this Paddy sports review that the banner advertising on any platform is pretty annoying – close on being intrusive into the betting experience.

The betting, the odds and the prices

What we really like about Paddy Power – and few other online betting websites are this transparent – is the red and blue highlighting of odds. This informs the user whether the price is shortening or lengthening. Although the odds offered are merely market average – relatively competitive to other large online bookmakers – this small detail puts the site ahead in our Paddy Power ratings.

We also like that Paddy Power don’t pretend to be anything else other than a horse racing and football specialist site. There are other sports offered – including the main North American markets – but there are most markets offered for the big races and the Premiership. This is also cited as a negative in our conclusion in this Paddy Power sports review – but they don’t suggest they are a global brand really.

The unique selling point here, which should be mentioned in a Paddy Power sports review – even though it is not technically sports – is that the company offers novelty bets. This is what they are known for in the industry – they are the media and entertainment bookmaker – as well as the sports bookmaker. This means you can predict the name of the next royal baby – or who will be the next Prime Minister. You can ring up Paddy Power risk managers and ask for a price on almost anything – and they are likely to be able to respond.

A massive bonus worth mentioning in this Paddy Power sports review is that the site accepts some of the biggest bets in the sector – and without having to phone the call centre. This means that Paddy Power is often the hangout of the professional bettor.

The live betting section covers events on UK and Irish television, s well as the Sky Sports channels. There is no live media offering from the site – and the main focus is clearly on UK and Irish markets.

Promotions and customer services

Our Paddy Power sports review moves on to promotions and bonuses. There is a £20 free bet for newbies who register with the site. The good thing about this is that you are given more than your initial bet – so if you bet £10 you are given £20.

There are also some money-back specials that happen weekly – where refunds are given for losing bets. Paddy Power have famously paid out big for these offers – but even then, there is a limited dent in the profits of the company, we suspect.

The support from Paddy Power comes from the Live Chat facility – this is 24/7 – and the general demanded tone from Paddy Power managers is friendly and informed. It is genuinely a pleasure to talk to advisors – who are able to process your requests fast – no matter what the level of complexity. For us, this is the major reason for high Paddy Power ratings.

There are many ways to fund your Paddy Power account. The easiest way is through your credit or debit card – but they also accept Western Union, Money Orders, Neteller and Moneybookers. Make sure you take notice of the withdrawal times – as some of these offer a decent delay before you get your money – up to 3 days. However, use PayPal and you receive your money in 4 hours maximum – which is just plain showing off!

In short, our Paddy Power sports review concludes that this site puts the experience of the customer above everything else – and this is why they enjoy a loyal and pretty fervent following from their users.

Our overall Paddy Power ratings

We like Paddy Power – it is not too adventurous is the markets it offers – it is dominated by UK and Irish sports – with limited option to watch live sport. However, they like their customers – that is the feeling you get when you play on this site – you feel welcomed in – like you are visiting your quirky relative who likes to offer you an odd titbit of information.

Pros / Cons
  • We like the quirky and the unusual bets on offer!
  • We think the customer service is friendly and informed
  • Being able to ring up and ask for a price on a random bet you have thought up – now that is ultimate flexibility
  • Limited world markets considering it is a large brand - too narrowly focused on UK market and on football and horse racing
  • Some of those banners need to go!