Top 10 Best Football Betting Sites UK

Of all the sports in the world that works best for a bet, it is football. 90 minutes of live action, between top clubs, enhanced by the chances of winning big on your skill and knowledge with the game. What isn’t to love?

Why bet on football?

Football is clearly the god of all sports. It is a global game requiring skill, fitness, strategy and a big chunk of luck. There are vast numbers of matches played each week – and an array of bets that can be made. Top football bookmakers make a fortune out of the beautiful game – because it enhances the experience and increases the excitement.

When you are looking at the best football betting sites UK you are looking at an enormous choice. You want to be able to bet on the end score and who will win – of course you do. But, what about the number of corners, the number of yellow cards, who scores first, who scores last, how many saves a keeper makes and more. Do the sites offer accumulators – so you can raise the stake and go big on the results of five or six top matches.

This choice – and then the resulting excitement – is why you would choose to bet on football!

What makes top football bookmakers so great?

The top football bookmakers will understand the game. They will know what makes the average avid football fan tick – and what will excite in them the passion needed to risk hard earned dosh.

Variety of bet

The best football betting sites UK will offer variety. You want the accumulator – you want the to bet on the first goal scorer and the correct score. Not only do you want to bet on these outcomes – but you also want some bonus options if you show particular skill. The best football betting sites UK are those that recognize the knowledge and the expertise of its players.

The best sites will have in-game betting options – not just the ability to bet on both halves – but also bet on what might happen next – be it a corner, a yellow card or more.

Best odds

You don’t want one off experiences with a site – where they suddenly offer great odds to lure you in – then from that moment on are tight with the pay outs. You want the best odds on football most often – this is what makes the top football bookmakers. We check out the best football betting sites UK across a range of matches – hundreds of hundreds of games – to work out which site consistently offers the best bet for you.

Best promotions

The top football bookmakers will also offer promotions and run events that increase the intensity to a whole new level. These are not just simple money-back offers – these are chances to increase the odds thanks to the exploits of your favourite players. For instance, if there is a scorer in a game – and you have backed them – is there a chance you can double or even triple your odds if they score more than once. Or, what about games where you are convinced there is going to be a hat-full of goals – and these are all clearly going to come from the first whistle. Then, you want the chance to bet that there will be a goal in the first 30 minutes!

Deposit options

The best football betting sites UK will also offer you a range of deposit options. You should be able to use your PayPal account – or Skrill – a bank transfer – or through your debit and credit cards. The easier it is to deposit funds, the more likely you are going to be able to make those last-minute bets when the inspiration strikes!

Quick bets; quicker withdrawals

The online and mobile interface of the top football bookmakers should be easy to use and reliable. You want the load time to be super-speedy and you don’t want to puzzle out how to navigate the page to make the best bets. In short, the best football betting sites UK will have put some careful thought into the design of the page – and hired the top people to realise this. You should be able to make your bet with a single click – with 30 seconds to spare – and still feel assured of the punt you are making.

You should also enjoy even speedier withdrawals from the top football bookmakers – particularly look for if they are willing to pay out on free or promotional bets – or whether they expect you to use the money on future bets with the site.

How to get started

You are likely to start with the most common bet. This is match betting – where you choose the outcome of the game. You will decide if one team will win out right – or you will go for a draw between the sides. If the stark contrast of this sort of bet doesn’t appeal – there is also the Double Chance bet – this is a popular option because you can select two different potential outcomes for a single match. This reduces the risk – but obviously, it also reduces the pay out the top football bookmakers will have to make.

Once you have mastered the art of betting on the outcome – you then might want to challenge yourself to consider the end score – or the goal difference between the sides. Or you might just opt for the total goals scored.

Beyond this gentle start to betting on football at the best football betting sites UK there are an array of options to tempt you. Some top football bookmakers are now starting to let you design your own bets – using multiple criteria. Once you enter your criteria the best football betting sites UK will give you your odds – and you then decide if it is worth the punt or not. This level of choice really is starting to bring football to life – and demand some enhanced skill from football lovers.