Unibet Sports Review

  • Variety: 5/5
  • Quality: 4/5
  • User Experience: 5/5
  • Betting Options: 4/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5

These are our Unibet ratings and here is our Unibet sports review in detail. It is worth beginning with some facts about the site and the company. The Unibet Group PLC was founded in 1997 and was available online from 1998. The company targets the European market – particularly aiming its offerings at the Scandinavians – this makes sense – as it a Swedish company – even though it is licensed in Malta and in the United Kingdom. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – so should be seen as legitimate as it undergoes close scrutiny as a public owned company.

The site began by accepting phone wagers but is now a fully-fledged online sportsbook. Although it is available in many countries that are normally restricted – like Denmark to name just one – it is still not accessible to US players.

It is worth saying from the beginning of this Unibet sports review by stating that it won Sportsbook of the Year in 2014 and 2015 – and the 2016 eGaming Review Award for Sports Betting Operator. This is a site that enjoys huge success.

Unibet software

The layout of the site is something we want to rave about first. The shareholders passed the sportsbook development to an independent company known as Kambi. The developers have given power to the user to make the view of upcoming events bespoke – with the ordering of options by upcoming events – whether it is in the next 2 hours – or the next 5 days. The site also allows you to choose the way that odds are displayed – whether as fractions, decimals or in American formatting. And, your bet slip stays visible on the right-hand side throughout your browsing experience. Potentially you can add a team, sport and a bet to your slip with just two clicks – now that sends UniBet ratings sky high for user experience.

The Live In-play is a massive strength of the site. There is the unique Bet UP pool-betting – which we think is one of the most impressive parts of the site.

The betting, the odds and the prices

The general conclusion we have come to in this Unibet sports review is that the site is a great catch-all. It has something for everyone – the novice and the serious gambler. There are the extravagant and exuberant accumulators, futures and exact score betting – but then they have the fixed odds betting and obvious spread bets too. Like we said – something for everyone!

The list of sports covered is impressive – and a real plus in this Unibet sports review. The sports include American Football, baseball, basketball, volleyball – and a whole host of other US favourites. But then there is rugby, football and snooker too – something for the European and Asian markets. We like the inclusion of some obscure choices – like rowing and futsal; Pesapallo and Trotting – so in terms of our UniBet ratings – variety must score highly.

It is hard to imagine how UniBet could add to the number of sports and markets it offers – there are literally thousands of choices at any given point. This might make the site a little overwhelming for newbies – and the site would definitely benefit from the option to create a favourites menu – or limit the number of sports and markets available on the screen.

Promotions and customer services

Promotions and bonuses are a major weakness in this UniBet sports review, with the site trying hard in every other way. When you sign up there is a risk-free £40 bet when you bet £20– but there are terms and conditions attached to this bonus that you should read before trying to withdraw any future winnings.

There is a special offers button at the top right of the homepage that does list the most up-to-date offers the company has – this shows an ever-changing landscape of offers – sometimes it is fulsome and sometimes a little sparse – you take your chances.

Interestingly, there is an affiliate link – where you can refer new players – and if these players lose heavily over time you can recover a decent rebate on their losses. This is probably a bigger incentive for reviewers and bloggers – who may attract thousands of people to the UniBet site – not that we would know!

Impressively, when you search customer reviews for UniBet there are few – if any real complaints. The security of the site seems to be excellent – even the app offers a secure connection and a verification on payment details. There are lots of currencies accepted and lots of ways of withdrawing and depositing money – making it a particularly easy site to engage with.

One notable comment that is made against UniBet – and some other online bookmakers to be fair – is that when you start making substantial wins then they have a habit of cutting your limits. If you are a professional gambler you will essentially be able to play freely until the site works out that you have form and talent – then they will restrict your play. The main player for the site is the recreational bettor – even though some of the bets may be a little advanced and obscure for the occasional player. This makes us conclude in this UniBet sports review that the site inhabits a strange middle ground between the two markets.

Still – we still love this site – as you can see from our UniBet ratings – it doesn’t take too long to navigate the choice and once you do – the experience is amazing!

Our overall Unibet ratings

Well – there is our Unibet sports review – but what is our overall conclusion? Well, the variety and range of betting experience on the site is what led to the site winning awards – and rightly so. This is a gamblers paradise – and once you get used to the search features on the website then you are going to love using the site.

Pros / Cons
  • An amazing range of sports and markets – everything you could imagine
  • An intuitive website
  • Award winning – and rightly so
  • Not enough emphasis placed on bonuses and promotions to keep the regular customer coming back.
  • Quite complicated for the newcomer to betting.