Top 10 Best Online Betting Offers UK 2018

It is a confusing world out there in the online sports betting sites. There are offers and bonuses, promotions and free bets. When exploring the best online betting offers UK 2018 we start by assuming that this is great – look at the ways to get the best free bets – and then we look under the surface to make sure these really are the best online betting offers UK 2018.

When looking at promotions in online sports betting, there are some essential questions to answer:

  • Is the stake retuned to you in risk free betting in the form of a free bet?
  • How can you use an online bookmakers free bet welcome to your advantage?
  • Where just opening an account can unlock some of the best online betting offers UK 2018?
  • And more!

Why online bookmakers offer promotions

You might think it odd that online bookmakers put a lot of effort into creating the best free bet or the best online betting offers UK 2018. Surely this costs them money? Well, the whole aim of these promotions and bonuses is to get you to return to the site time and again. Of course, it is easy to see why online bookmakers want to offer the best free bets when you first play with them – but the ideal sports betting punter is the one that offers lifelong loyalty to the site.

The best online betting offers UK 2018 should not be quick one-off options that come and go intermittently. These offers should be a concerted effort by the online bookmaker to court you and seek your return custom.

However, this is where we want to encourage you to play smart. The best free bets arise from signing up to multiple betting sites at once – this way you can shop around to get the best online betting offers UK 2018.

The different bonuses you can expect

There are a few different types of bonuses available. Here are some quick introductions to the sort of promotions you would hope to see.

Deposit match

This is where the site offers to percentage match your deposit. This might be when you first join the site – or in specific times when the site is probably quiet. This is a real money top-up on your betting account. It is likely that you will only be able to claim this once – and the incentive for online bookmaker is obvious – you are likely to deposit more with such an offer.

We explore which of the online sports betting sites will offer the highest percentage deposit match. Some will offer as much as 100% – and some can go even higher – tripling your initial deposit.

No deposit bonus

To get you started, some sites will offer you a bonus without making a deposit. This is usually a reward for opening an account – and is an essential in best online betting offers UK 2018. It is likely that this will come in the form of a free bet – but it is important to see if you can actually get at your winnings if you win on this bet.

Free bet bonus

The best free bets are one of our big interests. This is because it is one of the most common UK promotions offered. The best free bets tend to be around £10 or £15 – so we are not talking huge values here – but where the values are higher it is often more difficult to withdraw any winnings. It is likely that the site will demand that the stake remain in your account if you win – but some may even require you to keep the winnings for future bets too. We check out that the best free bets allow you to see some cash for your effort.

Risk free bet

This is a specific bet mostly only seen in UK bookies. This is a bet that you fund – but you will always get your stake back. This means the only think you risk is not winning. This makes losing a little easier. This might seem no different to the best free bets on offer – but here the site is still encouraging you to deposit – because the stake needs to be available on the site and they will just refund it if you lose.

Be aware that some of the best free bets come without restriction. We will check that you can use your risk-free bet in any sport and on the best odds. There are some sites that have a minimum odds clause – meaning you do not get the best prices.

Tournament/ Sports promotion

In high interest sports such as boxing or football, the best online betting sites will run tournaments or promotions that run over a set period. It is likely that the only requirement to participate is to be an account holder. The best online betting offers UK 2018 will show some imagination in this use of promotion – and the aim should be to create a greater sense of community amongst its clients.

Bonuses: those terms and conditions

Where we come in, when offering our best online betting offers UK 2018 reviews, is to skim through the T’s and C’s to make sure you are actually getting the best deal. It is hardly ever the case in online sports betting that the biggest offers and promotions are the best. Often there is some clause that means you only receive pay out in free bets – or there is a redemption clause you hadn’t been aware of.

The best online betting offers UK 2018 should not be filled with tricks and pitfalls. We will look to see that you can claim the offer within the state period, use it without too many restrictions and then retrieve your winnings without fear of tripping up over clause this or clause that. The best online betting offers UK 2018 will have to be genuine ways of getting some bonus experience on the site.