Arguably, the greatest test of skill, resilience of the mind and patience is golf – alternatively, it is a long, interrupted walk through the countryside. Either way, being a top golfer can earn you your millions and exclusive travel around the world. It is also the recreational sport of most people’s weekend – as there is nothing like a Sunday morning and 18 holes.

Why bet on golf?

Witnessing a golf tournament up close – the history and the drama of most of the UK championship courses – is enough for some. But, for the rest of us, we enjoy the chance to enhance the experience with a bet on the proceedings. Obviously, you could choose to walk around the corner and place a bet on at any shop in the country – but will they offer golf – you will take your chances. If you want to be sure of your bet, then you need to visit the best golf betting sites UK.

When betting on golf you can back you favourite player to win or you can predict their score. There is a wealth of ways to raise the stakes of the hit of a ball – and it is the variety of bets that makes golf such a brilliant option for the betting connoisseur.

The great thing about golf is that it is a place where you can employ a decent strategy and get a good return. There is no single method that will ever be sure to be fool-proof – but with golf you have more than a fighting chance. It is not all about luck!

What makes top golf bookmakers so great?

So, you are sold on the proposition that betting on golf is a great idea. The question now is, how do we decide on the best golf betting sites UK. Here are some of the criteria we look for when choosing our top golf bookmakers.

Variety of bet

The best golf betting sites UK will offer more than just a bet on who will win a tournament overall. You can also make a proposition bet – or a bet on the side – where the top golf bookmakers offer odds on something other than the outcome of the competition.

Some popular proposition bets in golf is whether an individual golfer’s score will be under or over the par – and potential by how many. You could bet on whether someone in the tournament will get a hole in one – or bet on the winning margin.

Oddly, more popular on the top golf bookmakers’ sites than any other sport, is betting on the nationality of the player to win the tournament. This allows a little national pride to come into the sport of individuals.

When working out which are the best golf betting sites UK, we look to see that you have as much choice as possible – but also that these bets offered are meaningful. The bets should add to the round of golf – rather than clutter it with unnecessary bets.

Best odds

The odds in golf are not usually representative of the bookie’s own feelings about a particular golfer. This is what makes golf a little different – a lot better for punters. The top golf bookmakers will suggest starting odds – but then the price will be dramatically impacted by the confidence of the other people choosing to bet. This means it is partly about choosing the right player and partly about choosing the right time to bet.

Obviously, it is about selecting the best golf betting sites UK wide – where the best odds are always displayed. This is what we look for when we are checking out the top golf bookmakers – do they consistently offer the best odds and make it transparent when the odds have changed?

Best promotions

You want your best golf betting sites UK to offer events and promotions that increase the excitement of betting on a tournament. The top golf bookmakers will split these promotions over the course of the tournament – so by the time the final cut arrives – the excitement is pitched at its highest levels.

However, golf is the sport where you should expect more paybacks on close calls and more free bets offered. It is unlikely that there will be in-match betting – as the players go out intermittently.

Deposit options

When checking out the best golf betting sites UK we also look to see that they offer a variety of depositing options. You should obviously be able to use your credit or debit card – and hopefully a prepayment card. However, you should also be able to use your PayPal account – and maybe sites such as Skrill. Some of the top golf bookmakers may even allow you to deposit using cryptocurrency.

Quick bets; quicker withdrawals

Although not so urgent as in other sports, the best golf betting sites UK should have an intuitive interface – both online and on mobile – that offers speedy bets if necessary. There is nothing worse than staring at the screen of a top golf bookmakers wondering what to do to get the odds you want.

You should also expect speedy withdrawals – we will even check to see that the best golf betting sites UK will pay out on free and bonus bets – with cash straight into your pocket.

How to get started

Here are some hints and tips we have picked up along the way, whilst assessing the top golf betting sites UK. We have discovered from reading the blogs that the favourite rarely wins at any of the majors. There is a correlation, however, between the odds being over 100-1 and who loses heavily. Rarely does an outsider win in golf – as the odds are shaped by those generally in the know – such as yourself. For what it’s worth – we noted when surveying the top golf bookmakers that odds in the 30s and 40s were often your best bet.

It is also worth knowing from the start that combination bets don’t work as well in golf as other sports. So, although you want a variety of bets – you can really reduce your chance of winning if you choose to parlay.

Finally, before we really give the game away – when viewing the stats – check out driving over putting. Driving distances is a much better judge of form.