SkyBet Sports Review

  • Variety: 4/5
  • Quality: 5/5
  • User Experience: 5/5
  • Betting Options: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.75/5

Now you have glanced our SkyBet ratings, it is time to get into the nitty gritty of our SkyBet sports review. Let’s begin with some background details of the company before we assess the quality and variety of their sportsbook offering. The Sky brand is well known and trusted – and got into the online gambling on sports by taking over the small betting firm Surrey Sports. Therefore, they have actually been in the game since 2000 – even though the site was not rebranded until 2002.

Sky grew the site through acquisitions – until it is the powerhouse it is now – but then Sky sold 80% to CVC Capital Partners – but retained ownership of the brand – and so making certain that customers can continue to trust the reputation of Sky – as the name suggest they should.

SkyBet software

As you would imagine from a top company – the website and mobile app are pretty slick – with clean navigation and quick transitions. However – and it is a big however in this SkyBet sports review – there is an overwhelming amount of information on each page. This never seems to appear cluttered – and you always get the sense that a lot of work has gone into considering how the user will scan the screen. But still – a newbie might be a bit awestruck at first.

The mobile app is far superior – probably one of the best mobile sportsbook apps in the sector. It is particularly useful to know that there is a SkyBet tracker app – this is the home of the cash out option – and has an amazing array of stats – especially on football. This was a major influence on our SkyBet ratings – as the gambler gets all they need to make a sound choice about wagers.

You can only watch the live sports – such as horseracing – if you place a bet. I guess this is the assumption that you should be watching the sport on the Sky Sports channels. We feel that this is a low point in this SkyBet sports review – online bettors should expect more access to the live sports.

The betting, the odds and the prices

One of the top features of our SkyBet sports review is focused on the betting markets and the quality of the odds. This is the core business of any sportsbook – so this makes SkyBet a go to place – as there is definitely a trusted player who is willing to let your money work hard for you. The margins are not as much in the favour of the house as with other sites – with a friendly 5% going to SkyBet which is more for the punter than most other bookmakers.

The site specialises in live betting – and this is important in making our SkyBet sports review so positive. The In-Play betting is in line with the sports offered on the television – but others are available too. Oddly, the Skybet in-play betting feature is not that flashy. There is just a list of live events listed – and when you click – there is a list of markets available. You would expect a little more attention to the graphics and the animation – something that better represents the size of the brand. The only distinctive offering on the in-play page is the stats offered to support football bets.

To be honest, the sports covered are dominated by football and horseracing. There is a surprising lack of variety in the different types of sports – and there is really only the standard list. This is disappointing, considering the site is so large. There could be room for a little more imagination in the markets offered – something to make the site distinct.

However, where it lacks in variety of sports it more than makes up for in the sheer quantity of markets available – and with strong prices that allow punters to get decent returns. So, all in all, it would be super picky to be anything other than positive about the betting experience we report in this SkyBet sports review.

Promotions and customer services

SkyBet is kinda known for the quality and number of bonuses available – and in particular – it is known for its weekly ACCA. If you have ever watched Sky Sports One on premiership match day – then you know all about the Super6 ACCA – a six match accumulator – where you attempt to guess the correct score for each match. Succeed – and you will really deserve the thousands upon thousands of pounds in pay out. If the jackpot isn’t won, then they will pay the highest scoring the amount of £5000. So – even if you don’t get it right – but you get it closest – you can still win big.

The big news about the Super6 ACCA is that it is free to enter every Saturday – this is a free promotion – so there is no wagering required. Tell us that this doesn’t demand the highest SkyBet ratings?

SkyBet also run some other games – include fantasy football and fantasy six-a-side. There is also the Channel 4 Pick 6 – which is the equivalent of the Super6 ACCA – but for horseracing.

Customer services on the site are excellent – as you would imagine from such a big brand. We are particularly impressed by the comprehensive FAQ section – which makes it highly unlikely that you will need to use the phone line or the live chat console. The withdrawals are quite slow – between 2 to 5 working days – and not all UK credit cards are allowed on the site.

Our overall SkyBet ratings

Overall, this is a glowing SkyBet sports review – we like SkyBet – as our SkyBet ratings suggest. This positive SkyBet sports review is not because the site does anything flash – it just does the business of betting really well.

Pros / Cons
  • Super6 ACCA as a free bet each week – with no need to enter into any wagering
  • A well-designed site – though a little overwhelming at first
  • A depth of markets – to offer a full experience
  • No pizzazz in the graphics and animation on the site – just a lot of lists…