Top 10 Best Online Betting Sites UK

Online betting has exploded. There are punters everywhere looking for the online bookmakers UK wide to do their business with. But, what makes the best online betting sites UK? What websites should you choose? Who will offer the best odds, the quickest pay outs, the varied options?

This is a crucial decision. Picking the right online bookmakers UK will impact on the choices you can make in many ways. Choosing the right site could even increase your chances of winning. So, it is right that you are here – ready to do your research. A savvy punter is an informed punter – and you know you need to be comfortable with the choices that you make.

Here we guide you through the ways we test our best online betting sites UK. We introduce the ways we decide if an online bookmakers UK will create the right environment to enhance your sporting experience.

Sports you will love to bet on

Obviously, your online bookmaker UK will offer football. This is a no brainer. The question we will ask is if they just offer the Premiership – or do they also offer the lower leagues. Will they care who wins between Yeovil and Grimsby – or are they only offering odds on United versus City? The best sites will also look to the French, Spanish and Italian leagues – and some may even have started to look across the Atlantic to what is happening in America. Football is a world sport. Your best online betting sites UK should recognise this.

Football is an amazing game for those of us love a bet. It requires expertise to formulate the right bet and there are lots of individual choices for how to formulate the right betting slip. It also should tap into the passion you feel for the sport. We will look to see if you can put together a run of bets on a series of outcomes, whether there is in-match betting and whether there is a chance to just go for the outright win of the whole shebang.

But Football shouldn’t be your only sport. Horse and dog racing are popular with online bookmakers UK. The Grand National sees even your Granny take a flutter on the horse that sounds like her long dead cat’s name. The best online bookmakers UK will have a constant eye on the changing odds and will offer significant resources to giving the best prices.

There are so many more exciting sporting experiences for the connoisseur. What about Handball, Hockey, and Basketball? These are fast based sports with the chance for instant wins and immediate gratification. If you know your stuff, if you are the most knowledgeable sports punter out there – then you should have the change to stretch the experience.

But maybe you just want to bet on Cricket, or who will win the next Formula 1, or 2, or 3, or carting race. There is golf, there is tennis, there is the latest results coming in from the Athletics track. In short, to test which are the best online betting sites UK, we check out how varied your experience can be.

Testimonials for your online bookmakers UK

The best people to tell us which online bookmakers UK offer the best experience is to read the testimonials. There is no need for you to scour the internet to find sites that give punter reviews – we have already read them. Third party reviews talk to their fellow punters and they have nothing to gain – so will tell the whole truth on the experience.

Online bookmakers UK will have worked had to gain multiple positive reviews – with extensive feedback and comment from current customers. They will have cherished the brand of the site and made sure these testimonials speak of the great reputation they have built.

By scouring the reviews, we learn about the quality of the interface, the quality of the mobile experience, the sports covered, the betting options, ease of pay out and the quality of customer service. And you hear this from the people who have placed their bet and hoped to win. We believe customer testimonials are one of the best ways to judge the quality of the punters experience on the best online betting sites UK.

Competitive odds and options

One of the most important ways to judge your online bookmakers UK is by the core business they do. It is good to have all these fancy promotions and weird betting combinations – but deep down you know you just want the best odds and the best payment options. Do you have a fair crack and getting a return on your sporting knowledge – and getting at the winnings when they are sure to roll in?

Of primary concern should be the competitiveness of the odds that the online bookmaker UK offers. You want the best value for your selections – and even though the online bookmaker is working with small margins – you deserve a fair chance at a big win. Ultimately, we look to see if you can definitely get the amazing advertised odds when you go to place a bet.

Then, when the bet is successful, and you have the cash in your account – can you stand up and leave this virtual betting world. The differences in payment methods is a great way of sifting out the great online betting sites from the mediocre. The best sites offer an ever-expanding mean of payment – with some even starting to use cryptocurrency. You should be able to use your credit and debit card, prepaid cards, bank transfers, your PayPal and maybe even your Skrill account.

We also look to see if the domain is secure and that there are the obvious certificates from the payment companies that say this is a trusted site.

Look for the promotions and the offers

Saying that the odds are more important that the promotions and the offers is true… but we love the big events too. You should look to see if there are bonuses, free bets, and concessions. Does your online bookmaker UK offer you money back on close losing bets? And do they offer roll over jackpot options?

Some of the best online betting sites UK will run events and limited time experiences that build the excitement and encourage a community of punters to come back again and again.

Although this is not the core business of the online bookmaker UK – it is usually something that sets apart the good from the best in the world of online sports betting.

Online bookmakers UK that can be trusted

Our hope is that our online reviews will help direct you to the sites that can be trusted to do what they say they will do. We want all our reviewed online bookmakers UK to play by the rules they set out. They should pay out on winners quickly – and in a fair and friendly way. If you are constantly having to contact customer services to retrieve your rightful money – then this impinges on the fun of the bet – and the love of the sport.

It is hard to research the background of online bookmakers UK. People have become adept at putting the finishing touches to websites – and giving you the information that they know you want to hear. We delve deep into the background of the site for you and more importantly – we play. We see if the experience is all that they say it will be and we report back to you.

We believe you deserve a great experience with the best online betting sites UK – so we do the homework for you and find out as much as possible. We ask important questions like:

  • What deposit options are available?
  • Does the online bookmaker UK offer bonuses when you start out with them – and can you get at the winnings if they do?
  • Do they make it easy to withdraw your winnings?
  • How many betting options do they offer?
  • Does the site work with last minute bets?
  • And more!

Do they care for their customers?

Easy and continuous access to online customer service should be an essential from your online bookmaker UK. You can’t physically go up to the window and place down your slip – but you should be able to click on a chat option and talk to someone when you need to. The best online betting sites UK will offer at least 8am to 10pm live chat options – the very best might extend to 24 hours. Yes, some of these questions will be answered by a bot – but at least you get your answer quickly.

The most reputable online bookmakers UK will have a physical address located somewhere on the website that you can write to – and definitely an email for direct contact. The quality sites will provide an FAQ sections – and there should be links to social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You should be able to follow the pages on social media and hear immediately when the best offers are coming through.

One of the best ways of judging an online bookmaker is by the quality and consistency of their posting on social media. They will want to resolve issue quickly and offer timely advice. If you ever want an insight into the workings of an online bookmaker, UK, spend some time watching their feed and how well they choose to communicate.

Do they provide the latest news and updates?

This is a small but essential detail. Does the bookmaker offer resources that will help you bet responsibly and with insight? Are there sports betting tips and tactics that will help to increase your chances and the quality of your experience when better?

If there is a regular blog – that provides all the latest news and information – then you are dealing with a reputable bookmaker who cares about its clients. It will demonstrate that there is a team of people behind the site. It will also show that this team are experts in betting and in sports. Looking at the blog is no small thing – it really does separate the great from the good and reveal the best online betting UK.

The best online betting sites UK: In short

In short, we look at the site in detail, so you don’t have to. Read our reviews and know that we have checked out the choice you have of sport, and betting options. We will have reviewed the pay out and the withdrawal speed – making sure you have choice in how you get to your winnings. We will have experienced the website interface – and the mobile experience – and we will have made note of how responsive the site is to last minute wagers. We will make sure customers report a positive experience with the site and when you speak to the customer service team – you get all the help you need.

And we offer more…

We want you to be a great punter on these online bookmakers UK. Can we make you the best punter out there?

We will tell you all about the best online betting sites UK – but we will also help you become the best punter you can be. There are lots of way that mean you can increase your odds – it is all about working with the right information and making the best combinations. Make sure you read our articles on the latest terminology and the best news and reviews of the tactics used by the top players. We are not all about our reviews of the best online betting sites UK – we want to make you a great player too.