Best Online Sports Betting Site Reviews UK

This is the place for your online sports betting site reviews UK. Our team of dedicated punters and writers explore each site we review with care– using our thorough criteria –to make sure we offer the best bookmaker reviews anywhere online. Here we introduce you to the things you need to know about how we come to our conclusions in our bookmaker reviews.

Bookmaker reviews that focus on the choice of sports

Creating the highest quality sports betting reviews UK is about recognising that there is more than football and horse racing in the UK. The best punters want the greatest variety of sport. So, we explore the golf betting sites, the cricket betting sites as well as the football and the horse racing. We may focus on similar areas in our bookmaker reviews, but we always apply the specialist knowledge of the individual sports when offering advice to you.

When writing out bookmaker reviews we pay attention to the quality of the in-game betting. Is the site smooth enough to make that quick, last minute bet – when you are certain a team is heading towards a certain score. Our online sports betting site reviews UK recognise the importance and rising popularity of the instant, in-game betting experience.

Choice of sports, with variety of bets, must be the number one criteria when writing our bookmaker reviews. We know that sports betting is as much about skill as it is luck, and we believe the betting sites should respect the skill and knowledge of their punters.

Competitive odds and options

Online sports betting site reviews UK should also assess the competitiveness of the odds offered by each site. Take horse racing as an example, the odds should be changing right up to the start of the race – and there should be a team of people behind the site keeping on top of the changing sentiment to each horse and the conditions. Our bookmaker reviews explore how good the site is at responding to the instant nature of sport.

We recognise that there are small margins in being on an online bookmaker – however, the bookmaker reviews we offer should assess whether a site provides betting value to its customers. Is there any point in placing the bet – are you going to get a decent return?

Then we explore payment options and withdrawal. One of the fundamental principles of our online sports betting site reviews UK is that we ensure you have the best experience when gambling. Therefore, we see it as a priority to assess the quality of the interface – both online and on a mobile phone. We also assess the number of payment options – whether it is bank transfer, card, e-wallet – or maybe even cryptocurrency.

One of our essential criteria in our bookmaker reviews is the ease of withdrawal – particularly for winnings from free or bonus bets. How willing is the site to give the money you have won fair and square?

Promotions and offers

We also focus on promotion and offers in our online sports betting site reviews UK. This is a competitive industry and the sites should be working hard to give you an extra special experience. Therefore, when coming up with our bookmaker reviews, we explore the different options for additional experiences – whether it is accumulator bets – or multiple strategy bets. Is there a chance for you to show off your skill?

Trusted service

One of our key concerns is the safety of your money with the sites that we review. This should be a feature of any online sports betting sites reviews UK. There are important lessons to be learnt from other users and our reviewers will look at the testimonials left by seasoned bettors. We want to provide reviews that reflect the experience of all who have used the bookmakers.

Our bookmaker reviews will also report on whether the site has all the necessary certificates and if they are governed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority. We will check for certificates that show this is a trusted site for payment options such as VISA.

Our online sports betting site reviews UK will cover all the important questions:

  • Is it easy to deposit money?
  • Are there multiple payment options?
  • Is it a secure site?
  • and more.

Customer care

Established bookmakers should understand the value of customer service and garnering loyalty amongst its punters. Therefore, we believe that the quality of response to concerns – or providing high quality comments when questions occur – is the sign of a professional sports betting site. Our online sports betting site reviews UK will focus on the quality of this communication.

We will check to see if there is a live chat option – and whether you can actually connect to a human being. The most reputable sites should also offer a physical address where the company works from – and where an individual can send formal correspondence if necessary.

It is the speed of this response – and the quality of the communication – that will form an essential part of our bookmaker reviews. Does the response come reasonably quickly, and does it address the issue we have raised? In a sector that relies on trust, this is the least we should expect.

Hints and Tips and FAQs

It should not all be about the interface where you input your bet. The best bookmakers will understand that they are offering a whole service. Therefore, when devising our bookmaker reviews we check to see that there are hints, tips and frequently asked questions. These pages should not just be about the function of betting – but about potential strategies, background information on big events and an education into the terms of the betting world. Our online sports betting site reviews UK will demand the whole experience from the best sites we review.