Why bet on horse racing?

Horse racing is considered the sport of kings. Why? Well, usually because it is only kings that can afford to own a horse, and have it run each week in races. For the rest of us mere mortals, we visit the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK to increase the excitement of that race between a field of highly trained, highly skilled equines ridden by some of the bravest people on the planet.

Horse racing makes your heart palpate. It is only a matter of minutes – but in the time the race is being run you will experience the greatest range of emotions in any sport. And that last 20 metres to the line – when two horses are neck and neck and it is only by the hair of one nostril that your horse makes the win. Now, this is excitement.

What makes top horse bookmakers so great?

There are lots of top horse bookmakers out there, so what do we look for when we are searching for the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK? Here are some of the important things to look for when looking for your best bet.

Variety of bet

The best horse racing betting sites UK will offer a great variety of bets with each race. These bets tend to be similar across the top horse bookmakers – so here is a quick guide to what you can expect.

The obvious option is the bet to win. This is a single bet on one horse getting past the finishing post first. A less riskier option is an each-way bet. This means you are offering two separate bets – one for the horse to win and another if they place – or coming in the leading pack of horses. Here different top horse bookmakers can offer a different number of places for your each-way bet. The further down the field the horse places – the less you will return on your odds.

Feeling particularly lucky? Then, why not place a tricast bet. This is where you predict the top three horses, in the correct order. The pay out on this bet is usually huge for those successful – and this really rewards those with a lot of knowledge and skill. This is why we love some of the best horse racing betting sites UK – because they value the knowledgeable punter – and offer them ways to cash in.

If you want to increase your chance of winning big you can do double, treble, fourfold, etc. bets, which allows you to bet on horses in different races. You only win, usually, if all the horses are successful, as you predict. If you want to lessen the risk, you can try a Trixie bet – where you still win even if one of your horses fails you. A patent bet is similar to a Trixie – but you also put a bet on each individual race too.

This is the great thing about betting on horse racing – there are so many bets – and this is before we get to the Yankee, the Goliath, and more.

Best odds

As with all sports you want the best odds. The basic premise of odds is simple. Your best horse racing betting sites UK will tell you what they are willing to offer as a return on your stake. If you place a bet of a tenner on a 7/1 winner – then you should get back £70 and your £10 stake on top. You would shop around the sites to see if you can increase that first number – is the next top horse bookmaker offering 8/1 or even 10/1. If they do, they are offering the best odds on the bet you want to make.

Finding the sites with the best odds seems simple then? But, with horse racing the odds can go up and down in the blink of an eye – and change right up to the moment of the beginning of the race. This means you also need to check if the top horse bookmakers will offer you the best odds now or the best odds at the start of the race – these are different things!

Best promotions

As with any betting, the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK will offer events and experiences – and not just on the big races like the Grand National or the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The top horse bookmakers will also run promotions for the regular punter – the one who rocks up to Doncaster for a Saturday meeting – or Newbury – or even Taunton.

Deposit options

The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK will offer you a variety of deposit options to help you get started. The top horse bookmakers are even starting to offer the option of depositing in cryptocurrency. The least you should expect is a choice between debit, credit, or prepayment card. You might even hope that they use your digital wallets with sites such as PayPal and Skrill.

It is not choice that is most important on the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK, it is speed. Often the best odds come up and don’t last for that long. You need to be able to get the money to the site in an instant – and with the least amount of fuss. The top horse bookmakers will understand why this is a priority for the service they offer.

Quick bets; quicker withdrawals

Finally, and maybe most importantly, you want the option to make instant bets and get quick withdrawals. The online interface and the mobile app of the top horse bookmakers such make it simple to place your bet and then get at your winnings.

The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites UK may even offer you some money back on your losing bets – if you are really lucky.