Guts Sports Review

  • Quality of betting: 3/5
  • Quantity of markets: 3/5
  • User experience: 4/5
  • Promotions and offers: 1/5
  • Overall Guts Ratings 2018: 3/5

We guess you have browsed the Guts ratings 2018 and are now looking for detail in our Guts sports review. We have to start by saying we love the name of this site. Is this enough to give it 5 across the board of our Guts ratings 2018 – not quite – but almost. It is simple and effective, giving over the idea of daring in order to win whilst not appearing too flashy. The tagline “no guts, no glory” is a clever bit of branding.

The company has made a bigger impression in the casino market than in the sportsbook sector. The casino was launched in 2013 and was a huge success. The sportsbook came in 2014. The expansion into this sector has been slower than the impact they made in the online gaming world, and we are only just starting to see the potential of this bookie.

User Experience

Interestingly, the casino section may be powered by the powerhouse of Microgaming, but Guts have opted to develop their own proprietary betting platform for the sportsbook. The iGamingCloud is developed by Guts and is focused entirely on servicing sports bettors. This means this site is fast and intuitive. The general tone is fun but there is a lot of business that can be done through the site.

The decision to use proprietary software is more impressive because it means the user is not bombarded with yet another templated site. This is a major reason to give the company the thumbs up in this Guts sports review. There is something refreshing about the site, as there is not the usual overload of information and images. The site is sleek and modern, and you feel like you have entered a future-orientated website, rather than a flashback to the high street bookies front window display.

There is also a mobile app, which uses the same login and design principles of the website. This means there is a seamless experience from the online site to betting on the go. Generally speaking, the user experience with Guts is impressive and it deserves high praise for the efforts made to make the offering different.

The betting, the odds and the prices

Our Guts sports review needs to pay most attention to the odds, markets and prices offered. The window dressing of the website is just decoration and if there is scant attention to variety, quality and value with the betting, then there is little point. The best we can say in this Guts sports review is that they do alright here. There is a decent range of sports, including some minor sports – with 22 different sports covered. There is a specials category that can include some events in other sports, which would not normally appear listed. The domestic and European football markets dominate. A single Premiership game could offer 50 markets, for instance.

What is impressive is that some of the football offered is unique. The site offers markets in some amateur leagues in the UK. Yet, in the same breath we need to tell you that there is no coverage of UK and Irish horseracing or greyhound racing, we know, odd right?

In terms of value, the odds put Guts somewhere in the middle ground. They are neither spectacular nor are they horrendous. The company uses European decimals, and this will take some getting used to for British gamblers used to fractional betting. It also means that certain odds won’t feel as good a deal.

Fortunately, the mediocre Guts sports review on betting is boosted a little by the in-play offering. It is clear that the company by the website are lovers of live sport betting and make a lot of provision for some exciting experiences. However, there is no live streaming as yet on the site.

Promotions and customer service

You may have gathered from our Guts ratings 2018 that this company are not flush with generosity when it comes to promotions and bonuses. There is a £10 welcome bonus – which is offered as a refund on a losing bet. This is a clever way of not giving anything other than experience to the user. You only benefit if you lose the money that you have already given the site. However, this does fit with the “no guts, no glory” tagline, as you can use this first bet carefree to try out a daring stake on the site. This underwhelming offer gets more underwhelming when you have to play 4 times with any winnings before you can withdraw this.

A huge plus in this Guts sports review is the customer service. It was by far one of the most efficient customer service operations. What we liked the most is that they didn’t keep us hanging on the end of the phone while they found an answer. The site runs an efficient call back system, making sure they get the answer to you while not wasting your time as they do it.

Payment options are relatively limited. There is the normal debit and credit card. Beyond this there is Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard, and more. This is a decent range for a new site, thought the fees on debit and credit cards are pretty steep and you could be waiting three days for your withdrawal.

Our overall Guts Sports Review

We like the idea of Guts and there is a lot to praise in our Guts sports review. There are some areas for improvement, most notably the promotions on the site, as we make clear in our Guts ratings 2018. However, the site is refreshing in its design and the inclusion of amateur football leagues is a clever touch.

Pros / Cons
  • The site is well-designed
  • Excellent customer service
  • Appeals to all levels of experience in the betting world
  • Limited promotions
  • No live streaming