BetHard Sports Review

  • Quality of betting: 4.5/5
  • Quantity of markets: 5/5
  • User experience: 4.5/5
  • Promotions and offers: 3/5
  • Overall BetHard Ratings 2018: 4/5

You have scanned our BetHard ratings 2018, now is time to add more detail to our BetHard sports review. The company was started by a couple of professional bettors who enjoyed betting hard, as the name suggests. They believe the experience of being gamblers means they have gathered all the knowledge needed to create the perfect site: they claim to have a winning formula that delivers an experience to its customers beyond others. This mentality is represented by Zlatan Ibrahimović in adverts across the world, which is ‘winners dare more.’

As with a lot of betting sites, BetHard is based in Malta and has been operating since 2014. It is covered by the UK Gambling Commission.

User Experience

The website is in your face. This isn’t surprising considering the choice of sports star to represent the site. It is a bold yellow and black and BETHARD immediately proclaim themselves number one in the world for odds. This is quite the claim considering the competitive market it works within, especially in the UK and Ireland. However, a site with the funds to take a famous footballer to the World Cup as a publicity stunt maybe deserves some respect.

If we move away from the swagger and the image, the question for this BetHard sports review is whether this site works well or not. The truth is that the site is excellent. There is easy navigation and a heavy reliance on graphics, which is no bad thing. The investment in design and technical specification of the site is high and this works just as well on a mobile device as it does on your laptop. There is no dedicated app but there is no need, as the website works so well.

The betting, the odds and the prices

So, we have covered all the flash and dazzle of BetHard in our BetHard sports review, now it is time to get down to the core business of the site. Claiming you are the best for odds sets the bar high and BetHard do well to meet the high benchmark they have set for themselves. The odds are favourable when compared to other top online bookmakers. Where you might find better odds, the site offers boosts to improve the price you receive. So, although it doesn’t always deliver the best odds, it does enough to justify its bold claims. You are going to get value on the site, especially if you are as daring as the tagline of the site suggests you should be.

It is important to stress in this BetHard sports review, the site does not scrimp in betting offers either. There is a mix of classic bets you’d expect to see across the internet but then there is some imagination, as you attempt to beat experts in your predictions in key markets, with prizes including a Rolex watch. We really like this lively imagination on this site and this is one of the major reasons for the positive BetHard ratings 2018.

The main market on the site is football, as you would imagine. However, there are some intriguing markets such as trotting, polo, NLH hockey and pool. The number of niche markets is more impressive than any single market. More importantly, the site also covers eSports. They give you every reason to stay loyal with the site, as there is little reason to go anywhere else.

This scope of market is matched with the in-play offering. This is a real boost in this BetHard sports review. Few other sites offer in-play in anything other than mainstream sports. Here there is in-play options in sports such as beach volleyball and eSports. You genuinely get the feeling that this site is for the true betting geek. We also really like pulse betting – the chance to bet on the next 30 seconds of a match – this really enhances the excitement of sport, which is what betting is meant to do.

Promotions and customer service

The Zlatan Challenge is the headline offer but there is also a match bet of £50 when you first sign up to the site. You get a £5 bet once you wager £100 and you can do these 10 times to reach the maximum bonus. Like we said, there are also boosts that make it worthy of a daily visit to the site. The standard promotions might not happen, but the main point of the site is to present intriguing concepts to interest the sports gambler, which makes it difficult to come up with our BetHard ratings 2018, as it is difficult to compare with its competitors.

To fund your betting, you can use your debit and credit cards and a few eWallets. The cards take a while to process but the eWallets are instant. The issue with the eWallets is that you then do not qualify for the welcome matched bet.

Customer support is effective, with 24/7 live chat and email. There is a support button that takes you straight to help and all the reviews from players suggest this company is effective in addressing your concerns. There is also an email where you can send more detailed requests for help and the FAQ section is fairly helpful – though there is room on the site for some more expert tips and tricks to help boost the novice gambler’s knowledge.

Our overall BetHard Sports Review

It is possible to conclude our BetHard Sports Review by suggesting that the site is a little arrogant, maybe. It is bold and brash and brags about its awesomeness. However, we do enjoy the style of the site and it pokes fun at itself, making the branding more parody than some perceived perfection – we kept this is mind when giving our BetHard ratings 2018. There are some genuinely interesting betting ideas and you will find something a little different here, which is difficult to say in a crowded community.

Pros / Cons
  • This is an imaginative site where you will find something different
  • They generally do offer good value and you will find great odds
  • The variety of sports offered is impressive
  • The welcome bonus is not really strong
  • More could be made of the information provided on the site to help educate bettors and draw them into the “geeky” world of gambling that is being created