StarSports Sports Review

  • Quality of betting: 4/5
  • Quantity of markets: 3/5
  • User experience: 4/5
  • Promotions and offers: 1/5
  • Overall StarSports Ratings 2018: 2.9/5

So, those are our StarSports ratings 2018, but what about our detailed opinion in this StarSports sports review? Let’s get started with some background company information before getting in the nitty gritty of our full on opinion. StarSports is a powerhouse. It is a network of Indian sports channels but is actually a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. In short, this is a huge multinational company, with the tagline “Believe” for a reason.

It has not always been such a force. The company started in 1999 as Star Racing. It made a move on several other independent bookmakers and grew rapidly through acquisition. It rebranded itself 10 years later, but this does not take away the 20 years of experience of the company in the sports betting sector. It is now licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is hoping to stake a claim to the racing sector in particular.

It positions itself as a luxury bookmaker. This is not a site for the new, recreational bettor – as they focus on credit betting, debit betting and hedging. This makes is unique in a particularly crowded UK betting market, but it also makes it difficult to offer sound StarSports ratings 2018, as it is like comparing apples with oranges.

User Experience

We are surprised that such a large company has such a basic looking website. This looks more like a company trading screen than a flashy online entertainment site. There is some banner advertising and some use of colour, but mostly it is lists and boxes filled with markets and odds. It looks like it is for serious gamblers, which matches the idea that this is for people looking for a professional, high-end experience rather than something more recreational.

This simplicity makes the site particularly easy to navigate and although you crave a little humour, there is no denying that we enjoyed the lack of flashy clutter. We are seeing this as a positive in our StarSports sports review.

The betting, the odds and the prices

Time to move on to the business end of the site in this StarSports sports review. If you are not going to give the punter an experience through the site, then you better perform with the markets offered and the competitive natures of the odds. As you will have gauged from our StarSports ratings 2018, there is a mixed opinion about whether they achieve this or not. The focus on credit and debit card betting over the phone, and the intriguing option of hedging, creates a personalised feel for the client. However, bottom-line there is really just the normal range of online betting options to keep you interested.

We gave some consideration to the excellent odds on horse racing in our StarSports ratings 2018. This is to be expected considering the starting point of the site. However, when comparing other markets, you do not get the same value for money and it is in-line with the bigger brands in the sector. What is disappointing is that enhanced offers are rare and brief – it requires you to be lucky or a regular punter to happen upon one on the site.

The sportsbook is relatively small, with a choice of 25 sports on the site. The emphasis is on horse racing and football – but there are some other niche sports to keep you interested. There are some inventive ways of betting that are worth some comment in this StarSport sports review. We like the ‘build a race card’ feature, which helps you build your own card of bets you are watching without have to place a punt. It also gives you lots of relevant details about the horses, jockeys, the conditions, and more.

If you want other sports to shine on the site, then you have to visit the in-play tab on the website. This allows us to say something positive about markets in this StarSports sports review. It is possible to make a bet with a single click of the mouse, meaning you can leave your selection to the last minute. We also like that the site colour codes the boxes to let you know if the odds are coming in or drifting out. There is in general a decent amount of data to inform your choice of bet.

Promotions and customer service

Promotions is where we get particularly critical in this StarSports sports review. There are hardly any promotions on the site and when there is a price boost it is so brief you could go to the toilet, come back, and its gone. There is no dedicated promotion or bonus page and if you search the full details of the blog on the site you might happen upon the welcome offer of a free bet. Take a look at our StarSports ratings 2018 to see what this does to the sites scores.

There are also few means of depositing and withdrawing money. In fact, they only use the major debit and credit cards. The withdrawals can take up to five days to complete. This is poor for a major online betting site that hopes to compete in a busy sector. There is help and support 24/7 through live and the phone line – but this should be expected in any StarSports sports review.

Our overall StarSports Sports Review

As our StarSports ratings 2018 suggest, the site is let down by its offers and promotions. If the entire focus was on horse racing, then we would likely score StarSports 5/5 in most categories. however, as a site aimed at the whole sports arena it does just enough to keep you interested. The user interface is well designed and professional, and we found the lack of glitter and glam refreshing.

Pros / Cons
  • If you love horse racing, you love StarSports
  • Some interesting ways to bet that you won’t find elsewhere
  • Excellent use of stats, especially in horse racing
  • Limited options for other sports
  • A lack of promotions